SAFCOL's Champion Quartet

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The O’Connor Tree Lane

Species: Eucalyptus saligna
Common name: Saligna gum
Age: Approximately 90 years old

Planted by pioneering forester AJ O’Conner, the O’Connor Tree Lane is visible from various viewpoints in Limpopo and are situated next to the O’Connor Memorial. What makes these trees magnificent, besides their age, is their height which averages 71 metres and their impressive 32.1 metre crown size.

The Twin Giants of Magoebaskloof

Species: Eucalyptus saligna
Common name: Saligna gum
Age: 115 years old

Planted by another pioneer of South African forestry, AK Eastwood, these are the tallest planted trees in Africa. Originally a quartet, the tallest in the group fell in 2006 during a severe storm leading SAFCOL to get the remaining trees in the group measured by professional climbers. The two tallest have now been identified as the Magoebaskloof Giants with heights of 79 metres recorded and a crown size of over 20 metres.

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The Three Matrons

Species: Pinus pseudostrobus
Common name: Pine
Age: 107 years old

The largest pine trees in the Limpopo Province, the Three Matrons tower over other pines at an impressive 49.2 metres high. With crowns that are 24 metres wide, it is clear why these three trees made the Champion Tree list.

Misty Grove

Species: Sequoia sempervirons
Common name: Californian Redwoods
Age: Approximately 80 years old

This magnificent stand of Californian Redwoods was planted over 80-years ago, at 59 metres tall they have become a local landmark.

It is not just magnificent trees that need to be declared as protected to safeguard them. Other trees, according to their age or historical context are protected on SAFCOL plantations and managed as Areas of Special Interest. These included a late of Cedrus deodara trees planted in 1908 and a pecan nut grove.

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