Forestry Explained

Our Conservation Contribution

The Forestry Industry understands that all natural ecosystems found on forestry-owned land need conserving, including indigenous forests, riverine habitats, grassland, wetlands and fynbos elements. On average, 30% of forestry-owned land remains unplanted which, when well managed, allows for the conservation of natural ecosystems and important species. These natural ecosystems cover upwards of 300 000 hectares and form a critical network of natural vegetation and conservation areas between the planted areas. They are home to an array of plant, mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian and insect species, as well as a number of rare, endemic and endangered species.

We are proud of the conservation partnerships formed with individual researchers, NGOs, academic institutions and other research facilities. These increase our knowledge and understanding of natural ecosystems, their inhabitants and their management requirements.  It is through this collaboration that we are able to better conserve these natural habitats and contribute to our collective South African conservation legacy.