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March 2023 – Notice to FSA Members: Registration or update of water users

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) have published a Notice in the Government Gazette No 48187 Notice No. 3137 dated 10 March 2023 which requires water users to submit an application for an amendment or to submit a new application for registration for an amendment within 90 days of the date of publication (10 March 2023)

FSA have queried the wording in the Notice with the DWS which, contrary to the discussion we had with them in October 2022, does not permit a water user who has already registered, to update the details on their existing Registration Certificate to reflect changes in the planted area. Changes may only be made to the registration certificate that reflects updated information such as farm name, farm ownership, address, VAT and business registration details.

There is also no provision for timber growers who, for whatever reason, did not register the area of land under plantations on their farm/s following the publication of the 1999 Regulations. Again, in our discussions with the DWS it was understood that registration of ALL SFRA water users would be mutually beneficial to FSA members and the DWS.

Nevertheless, until FSA is able to resolve the misunderstanding, members are advised to comply with the 2023 Notice. We have attached the relevant Government Gazette No 48187 Notice No. 3137 dated 10 March 2023 calling for the updated information, the DW811 amendment form and the DW811 Amendment Guide.

For further enquiries, please contact Dr John Scotcher at or 0836268990

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