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19 November – Forestry South Africa releases its 18th Annual Report

FSA is proud to announce the release of its 18th Annual Report after it was approved during the 17th Annual General Meeting held on 19 November 2020.

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The report contains many high-level achievements by FSA during 2019, presenting not only the highly visible achievements of the Association during the year in review but also the more routine activities of the Association that make an immense difference to the businesses of our members. The report shows how something as routine as responding to proposed tariff increases or managing the Industry’s forest protection programmes save our members literally hundreds of millions of Rands in costs and avoided losses.

Readers are encouraged to read about, and share widely, the work that FSA does and the impact that this has on growers’ businesses.

The report also acknowledge the contribution of FSA structures (ie Committees, Working Groups and Forums) which our members serve on and illustrates the value of FSA in being a lobbying platform, facilitating collective research and protection platforms, leveraging of funding from external sources, deferring or preventing potential costs before they occur.

FSA is proud of our service to our members during the year under review and would like to acknowledge their support. It is through this collective approach that our industry has risen beyond the challenges faced during 2020.

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