York Timbers

April/May newsletter – A message of inspiration from York Timbers

Together we can navigate these uncertain times

When an Instagram post makes you stop mid-sentence and commands your full attention, you know the content is special, especially when the beautiful visuals, moving music, and powerful message make you want to watch it a second time!

In fact, labeling York Timber’s moving Baba Yetu as simply “special” somehow feels like I am shortchanging what is not only a beautiful video but also an inspirational message of hope.

As York representative Angelique De Kock explains, “We are facing difficult and uncertain times; not only as a company but as a country. Lockdown has placed tremendous strain on families and companies across the globe. It was evident from the moral of our staff, which was understandable low. We thought it would be a good idea to make this video to inspire and remind everyone why we do what we do and why we are proud of it.”

The video certainly inspires, leaving you with a sense of reassurance that this too shall pass and we truly are better when facing these difficult times together.

“We hope that the message in the video does not only inspire our employees, customers and investors but the Sector as a whole, the rest of South Africa and the world as we face this crisis together.” explains Angelique.

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