Unpacking Genus Exchange

Feb/March Newsletter: Infographics, breaking down big issues into bite size messages.

Infographics have been a Forestry Explained staple since the launch of the website in 2017. They enable relatively complex forestry messages to be broken down into visual bite-size chunks, easy to both communicate and digest.

This year, FSA will be expanding the use of infographics, actively using them to communicate key messages to target audiences.

Forestry: A wise use of water

On the back of a very successful meeting between Michael Peter and the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF), Mike was asked to provide DEFF with a summery that contextualised the Industry’s water use.

The Forestry: A wise use of water infographic details water use by the Industry and helped to visually reinforce the key water usage message Mike’s summery conveyed. The infographic has been warmly received by both those it was intended for and others within the sector.

Genus Exchange double infographic

Unpacking Genus Exchange covers the whats, whys and hows. Contextualising genus exchange against other agricultural practices and the demand for cellulose-based end products. The aim of the infographic is to bring genus exchange back from the realms of “science-fiction” into the realm of science-fact, as there is a lot of misinformation surrounding genus exchange that raises undue levels of concern.

The second segment, Genus Exchange – The Bigger Picture, directly addresses three of the key concerns surrounding Genus Exchange, namely water security, biodiversity and fire risk. Again, the underlying aim was to address a number of the concerns raised most notably by the anti-forestry individuals that are based on old or unfounded facts. By not only addressing the concerns, but also trying to contextualise them against other land uses so forestry is no longer seen in isolation (forestry vs no forestry – natural ecosystem), this infographic provides a much more realistic picture of genus exchange.

A reusable communication tool, infographics will have a central role in all key message toolkits FSA produces going forward. All FSA infographics are freely available on the FSA website and we urge FSA members to use them as and when required.

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