Jan/Feb Newsletter: From Whatsapp to Telegram

Just as FSA was about to launch its new Whatsapp broadcast group we learnt that Whatsapp plans to change its rules on broadcast groups in an effort to counteract those who use these inappropriately for spamming – click here to read more.

The broadcast group was a cornerstone in FSA’s new communication strategy, enabling us to communicate and distribute key messages amongst members in real time which would direct them to the new website for full details. The Channel will be a private broadcast service and not a group or a discussion forum ensuring members will not be inundated with messages and replies from us and other members. An alternative service provider Telegram, which is a cloud-based messaging app with a focus on speed and security, is fast, simple and free and offers similar services to Whatsapp broadcast groups without the risk of getting fined or closed down, will now be used.

The initial process of capturing members’ contact details to enable the launch of the ‘FSA News’ Channel on the Telegram App is almost complete. We would like to thank Judy for the hard work and dedication she has put into developing both the initial Whatsapp broadcast group and then migrating to Telegram.

To make sure you receive the latest FSA information, send your details (name, farm name, postal address, cell number, email and member affiliation) to alternatively, by registering on the FSA website you will be automatically added to the broadcast group. Please note, members can remove themselves from the group at any time.

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