Nyasha Mercyline Zimbodza

Nyasha Mercyline Zimbodza

Sappi Southern Africa

Risk Coordinator – Safety Management


  • National Diploma in Forestry

  • Undergraduate Diploma in Safety management

Forestry career: 17 years

As a risk coordinator working in safety management, my main objective is to produce safety management and intervention programmes that work toward achieving zero lost time injuries. To do this, I assist line management in mitigating risks and achieving our SHEQ performance objectives. My role also involves the measurement and monitoring of forestry area performance and objectives, as well as engaging the Sappi workforce through job coaching and the recommendation of training programmes.


I am passionate about making forestry a safer place and always take pride in the safety milestones my teams achieve. Working for Sappi enables me to make a positive difference in the lives of others, helping them bring about the behavioural changes that will ensure they work smarter and safer. Being able to boost the confidence of my colleagues by ensuring they receive the correct training is truly rewarding; as is working for a company which places a lot of value on this issue. I enjoy being part of such a diverse industry and am grateful that my job enables me to gain an understanding of the requirements faced by each and every department, from research to silviculture, the nursery to harvesting.


If you are committed and willing to work hard, there is no reason why you wouldn’t thrive in forestry. You need to be able to plan your day well in advance and accomplish your daily goals, as it is an industry driven by results. You will need to be willing to work in a male-dominated industry, to execute your duties to your best abilities and be prepared to go the extra mile. A wonderful reward is being able to work in an outdoor environment that is both refreshing and beautiful, thanks to its mosaic nature. What makes forestry really great is that every day there is something new to learn and grow from. Grab that opportunity with pride!

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