Forestry Explained – for the forester too!

If you thought Forestry Explained was just for the general public, providing a “beginner’s guide” to the forestry industry, think again!

Yes, the website’s target audience is the general public, providing them with a window into the world of farmed trees and all things associated with plantation forestry.

However, Forestry Explained is also an important communication tool available for use by all forestry employees.

It came to our attention that there are still many within the industry who are unaware, or unfamiliar, with the Forestry Explained website. This was highlighted during a presentation to BTech forestry students at Nelson Mandela University’s George Campus, all of whom had never heard of the site, despite working for a number of FSA members. The same students when surveyed afterwards said they not only found the website to be a great communication tool, but also a useful resource which would aid them with their studies. This highlights the need raise the profile of the website within the sector.

First port of call

We live in a digital age, where communication has become increasingly important and equally challenging. By proactively presenting a holistic view of forestry in a clear, concise and visual manner for easy consumption, Forestry Explained can be a powerful tool.

As such, the website should be the first port of call when dealing with any stakeholders, especially the general public, as it provides answers for many of the issues, queries and assumptions they may have.


The website’s content has been developed so it can be applied across numerous communication platforms, not simply the website.

For instance, the infographics – which break down complex forestry issues into ‘bite-sized’ chunk – makes them an ideal visual aid for incorporating and reinforcing key messages in presentations and reports. Every infographic on the website can be directly downloaded from the site and used freely.

While the various case studies provide practical examples of how the sector is responding to both national and international environmental and social issues, these can been used to great effect when illustrating the efforts of South Africa’s commercial forestry companies and timber growers.

Platform for promoting the industry

Features like the recreational map, launched at the beginning of 2019, are also shining a light on the social benefits and recreational activities our forests provide.

The #ForestryFriday competition on Instagram showcases the beauty and diversity found within our forests and is building a network of forestry followers.

These initiatives were both instigated by Forestry South Africa and their success hinges on industry buy-in and participaion – so we thank all those who have contributed.

Promote Forestry Explained to your staff

We are therefore reaching out to all FSA members to help us promote the website internally, especially to students, but also anyone dealing with forestry stakeholders and more specifically the general public.

It would be great to have Forestry Explained featured in member’s internal communications (newsletters/magazines), and we would happily provide whatever content was required. Email for more information.

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