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Case studies – tell us your story!

Facts, figures, statements, sound bites, briefings and reports all have their uses, but when it comes to conveying a message, nothing beats a good story. A story expresses a point with increased clarity and conviction, by conjuring up pictures in the reader’s mind and introducing them to the “real life” heroes and heroines in whom the reader ultimately becomes invested.

Simply put, Forestry Explained case studies are stories used to convey key environmental and social messages by providing details of the conservation projects and outreach programmes being conducted within the sector.

Since the launch of the Forestry Explained site we have covered an array of case studies: from fish, frog, mammal, bird and even ecosystem conservation success stories, to water stewardship initiatives, vegetable gardens, educational programmes and entrepreneurial schemes.

We are always on the look out for more, so if you have a project or programme that you think as an industry we should be promoting contact us.

We are also using case studies to break down complex forestry related issues that do not lend themselves to an infographic format due to the level of detail. Concepts such as the potential for the forestry landscape to provide ecological networks, the benefits of agroforestry, and the role of industry in combating global issues such as climate change, work perfectly in a case study format.

If you have suggestions for future “bigger picture” case studies we would be excited to hear them – click here.

Photo credit: NCT Forestry’s Midlands Meander Programme

CSI are just one of the areas featured in Forestry Explained case studies, others include conservation, water stewardship and wider issues like agroforestry, ecological networks and climate change to name but a few.

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