Answering the call of the thunder bird

The Southern Ground-Hornbill (SGH) is an avian icon needing to broaden its territory in order to evade localised extinction. To do this it will need a champion, and conservationists are hoping the forestry sector will answer it’s call.

To find out more about SGH, why they are threatened and how the industry can help, click here.

A number of Forestry South Africa (FSA) members have already been involved in various SGH projects, providing sighting records and even the lumber needed help build a state-of-the-art rearing centre. Sadly, more help is needed if we are to reverse the SGH recent population decline.



The Mabula Ground Hornbill Project (GHP) is spearheading the conservation effort, and is currently mapping all potential SGH habitats. The patchwork nature of the forestry landscape means it has the potential to provide suitable foraging and breeding grounds for the birds, however relatively little is known about whether this potential is being realised. This is why the Mabula GHP is appealing to the sector to help map forestry land. They are also looking for SGH custodians, willing to erect artificial nests and provide homes for reintroduced groups.



So are you willing to answer the call of the thunder bird and help the Mabula GHP save this charismatic bird?

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