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A career made out of wood

Together with the Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA), Forestry South Africa has developed an eye-catching infographic detailing: Five reasons why there is a career for you in forestry or forest products.

Targeting High School students who may not have considered the sector as a possible career path. The infographic hopes to open learners’ minds to the myriad of career opportunities that the forest product sector has to offer, from the obvious ones in forestry to the “behind the scenes” roles that keep the industry moving forward.

It will also expose learners to the truly global nature of the industry as well as the green and renewable foundations upon which the industry is based, not to mention, the many products with origins in farmed wood. By doing this, it attracts a whole new spectrum of potential graduates who may have previously dismissed the industry.

To download, share or print the infographic, visit and check out the careers section on the people page.

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